Bangalore based artist Krish Iyer presents his recent suite of paintings that reimagine sculptures of Khajuraho temples, which decades ago, had set him on a path of creative expression.

When & Where

Date: Monday, 20 Mar 2023

Time: 4.00PM

Venue: Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath, Bengaluru- 560001

Artworks on Display

Slow clambering to higher dimensions Ecstatic moves Size: 48” X 72” / Medium: Acrylic on canvas
The point of transformation from recognition to astonishment In stupefaction Size: : 36” X 72” / Medium: Acrylic on canvas


Art, when blended with design, enhances the human experience, and Krish's artworks have been an integral part of our designs. The creative artworks of Krish have rendered uniqueness to those spaces we design and have helped lend character. Through his art contribution, we have celebrated the culture and diversity of India. I have seen glimpses of his creation for this series and am extremely excited to view and experience them. I wish Krishna the best and am sure his exhibition will succeed greatly.

- Satyaraj, Principal, Raj consultants

A timeless design that appeals not only to our Indian workforce but to everyone that visits from around the world

- Dan Ryan, Vice President, Real Estate and Facilities Pegasystems Inc

Art Critic

Nalini S Malaviya
March 2023

Krish Iyer presents his recent suite of paintings in 'Wilderness Escapades' that reimagine sculptures of Khajuraho temples, creating a spatial interplay of light, colour and texture to suggest the form, postures and gestures of the stone statues in a quasi-representational style." "The visual semantics are anchored in formal aesthetics, while the later abstract expressionist approach lends critical layers of texture and simultaneously recontextualizes historical content." "This series originated from the recent revisit, marked by an innate desire to reconnect with nature and to allow subconscious thoughts and emotions to surface and transform on canvas. With this exhibition, Krish attempts to break the invisible shackles that have contained his creativity